Our video topic for today asks and answers the question “if my employer is treating me unfairly after being injured on the job, should I just quit?” The short answer is absolutely not. If you quit while you have an active workers’ compensation claim, you could be affecting your benefits dramatically. You are entitled to medical care as it relates to your injuries and potentially income benefits. If you quit, you give up your right to income benefits in the state of Georgia.

Georgia has specific rights as it pertains to workers comp.  There are many things that your employer is required to do when you have been injured on the job and are receiving benefits from a workers compensation case.  If you were injured on the job and have filed for workers comp with that employer, you should not quit your job.  Doing so can result in losing your benefits because you will no longer work at the company.  What should you do?

First, make detailed notes of what is taking place that you consider your employer is doing to treat you unfairly.  Next, take an objective look at what your employer is saying.  If there is any merit to the employer’s claims against your work, i.e., tardiness, insubordination or other, be sure to address those issues and make changes so the employer has no grievance against you.  Finally, we recommend that you do not quit your job but that you reach out to an experienced Georgia workers’ compensation attorney.  An attorney can determine what your legal rights are and make the best decision for both you and your family.

If you have a workers comp case and need a case review or legal representation, contact us.  Ty has years of experience working with families to help get valuable benefits.

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