Have you been injured and are looking for a Workers Compensation Settlement calculator? Ty Wilson is a Georgia Workers’ Compensation attorney and in the video above, he answers questions about determining a value for your claim.  This article will work through some situations to answer those same questions in a more detailed manner.   In order to determine a value for your Georgia workers compensation claim, we need to discuss a few factors first.  These are key to understanding how the workers’ compensation calculator works.

1. Are you out of work? Are you back at work on light duty, work restrictions or back to full duty? Certainly, as you can imagine, if you’re out of work and receiving weekly income benefit checks, your claim has more value than if you have returned to work with no restrictions.

2. What body part was injured? Was it an entire body part versus a finger? For example, back injuries carry more value than a smaller injury, such as one to your finger.

3. Have you been given permanent restrictions or an impairment rating?

4. Are you still in treatment? Do you require additional medical care? As you can imagine, if you need more medical care, potentially diagnostic testing, potentially surgery or procedures, that claim has more value than if you’ve completed all of your medical care in terms of a workers’ compensation settlement analysis.

One thing you will see if that each case is unique to your injury, your medical outcome and prognosis.  There really is no workers’ compensation calculator that provides a set number for everyone.  So many factors are taken into consideration.  Here is a scenario for you to consider with the points listed above.

Jefferson has a back injury from his job and has been receiving medical treatment for a little while.  He has been released back to light duty where he can work a few hours a week.  He still needs additional medical treatment and his doctor has stated that he cannot return to full duty unless he has more physical therapy and possibly another surgery, pending the outcome of this physical therapy.  From this information, we know that he will have some value because all of his treatments are not complete.  The best solution for him is to speak to a Georgia workers compensation attorney to get an idea of the value of his Georgia workers compensation claim.

If you are in this situation, it’s always better to call for a consult so that you have an idea of the value of your claim and how the workers’ compensation calculator will work for your injury.  You can contact Ty here for a free case review.

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