Ty Wilson is a Georgia personal injury attorney.  The video topic above is what happens if a person gives conflicting statements regarding their personal injury.  In other words at the time of the injury you gave a statement, or you made a statement, or you said something right after your injury and now your memory is a little bit different.  You are now wondering if the insurance company will hold your recorded statement against you.  Absolutely.

Insurance companies deal with valid claims and they deal with people who don’t have valid claims. Their job should be to expedite taking care of those who are injured.   However a bigger part of their job is determining how the accident happened, whose caused the accident, and anything they can do to mitigate the payout for the accident. For that, the insurance company always wants a recorded statement.

Let’s look at an example of how this actually plays out: let’s say Sally is injured in an automobile accident. This is filed with the other person’s insurance company as a claim. Sally has a police report. The police report states that the other person is at fault for the accident.  Sally was taken to the hospital due to the extent of her injuries and during that time she was treated with sedatives and other medications.  Sally returns home and begins to receive numerous phone calls from the insurance company. During the initial days following her hospital stay Sally recites the details of the accident over the phone and agrees to put a statement in writing. Sally is still under the influence of the medication to treat the serious injuries caused by the accident.  Sally gives a written statement. Later other statements are taken from Sally about her memory of the way the accident happened, the details of the accident, and her injuries.  These are somewhat different than her original statement. The two statements are analyzed by the insurance company and used against her. What should Sally do?

Next Steps

Sally’s situation is not uncommon. Insurance companies often reach out to the parties of a personal injury accident immediately following the accident knowing that they’re likely to have medication in their system or they may still be recovering from some shock after the incident. Sally’s best bet is going to be hiring an experienced Georgia personal injury attorney. An attorney representing Sally will work with the insurance company to clear up any misunderstanding between the two statements, including going to court if necessary to fight for Sally’s rights for a proper settlement.  It will be important that the details of the accident are cleared up so that Sally can receive her accurate payments for her medical care.

If you are in this situation where you have been in an accident and your statement is being used against you or you are unable to get responses from either the responsible party or the insurance company, you’re not alone. Ty Wilson has over 20 years of experience working with families to help people just like you. You can contact our office by following this link and Ty will do a case review to determine what you may need.

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