And the question was, “Why on earth would I even proceed forward with a work injury claim knowing what I know about work injury claims?” Well, the short answer is you may not have any other coverage. If try to put it on your health insurance and they find out that it is a work injury they will deny coverage and they’ll stop paying the doctor’s office and your care will not be authorized through your health insurance and you could be personally responsible. Also, if you get a surgery and you’re doing it through your insurance you say you know what I’m just not gonna tell the truth. I’m gonna put it all in my health insurance and I’ll be fine. And then all of a sudden you need a surgery. And the surgery is not. “Hey we want $100 copay.” It’s more, “We want 20% of a $50,000 surgery.” And so, you wanna be really careful. Sometimes workers comp is the only way to process an injury. Stay safe!


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