Workers’ comp claims are usually lengthy.  A large part of the delay on these claims are due to the process getting diagnostic test, such as MRIs, xrays, CT scans and more.  These requests for the testing will come from the workers’ comp doctors so a specific process should be followed.  What is that process to get your MRI authorized or approved?

In the video above, Georgia workers’ compensation attorney Ty Wilson discusses the process of getting your MRI authorized or approved. Note: This is for information purposes it is ALWAYS recommended that you speak with a Georgia workers’ compensation attorney for specific answers to your specific claim.

First, you will need to have testing that is doctor ordered by the physician from your workers’ comp claim.  if your doctor tells you that you need an MRI for example, there will be a prescription for that test.  You must have that order before you can go have the test done.   The prescription will be either electronic in form or in a writing, from that doctor, that says basically  “You need an MRI.” And it’ll say what type of MRI… lumbar, cervical, what have you, or of a different body part.

That documentation is key.  You will make sure it either either faxed, emailed or sent electronically from you or your doctor to the insurance adjuster.  Get a confirmation, either by email or fax that asks for approval and asks when it will be authorized.  You request can say something along the lines of:  “Here is the prescription (script or order) for my MRI. Please let me know when this will be authorized.” Follow it up with a phone call.

Now, if you have an attorney, they will certainly help you by taking the lead on this.   However, the attorney still needs your help. They need your help in the sense that they need that written script. You never want to just trust that the doctor will send it to the adjustor without you (and your attorney) having a copy of it.  This is because the attorney will follow up on it.   Sometimes they have written it out and sometimes they haven’t.   This work injury is more important to you than it is to the staff at the doctor’s office.

Part of the process to get your MRI authorized or approved will be to make sure you fully participate.  You do this by  making sure you get the script, and then sending it to either your attorney and/or the adjuster to keep things moving. These cases go through a lot of unnecessary delay. This can be minimized by following up and ensuring that the doctor has actually sent the test order so you and your attorney can follow it through to approval.

Often the doctor will say they are sending over the testing script to the adjuster.  However, you contact the adjuster, the adjuster may or may not have it. Eliminate all of that back and forth by giving them the order yourself and asking for a confirmation.

Eliminating the delays between the doctor and the claims adjuster removes the guesswork out of all of this and reduces the delays.  Then you want to get it scheduled as quickly as possible.  When you are  in a lot of pain, getting the treatment you need means a lot.

If you are working to get your MRI authorized or approved and need help, Ty has years working on these types of issues, as well as, the complexities of a worker’s comp and/or an auto accident.  Contact him for a case review.  You can also upload your information for his review.

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