What happens if I’m attacked by a dog while I’m working? This may seem like a very odd question but it does happen.  It involves two sets of complex areas of law and insurance coverages so we will break that down in this article so you have an understanding beyond what we provided in the short video above.

Let’s start with a recent example that happens on a fairly frequent basis.

Case1: Sandy works with Rick.  Rick is Sandy’s supervisor at their work place.  Rick asks Sandy to help him by moving an old refrigerator out and bringing in the new one he just purchased.   While at Rick’s home, Sandy is attacked and bitten by Rick’s dog.  Sandy suffers deep lacerations (personal injury) and workers’ compensation claim because he was working.

This situation will provide two claims.  A personal injury claim and a workers comp claim.  Each provides Sandy with a specific set of benefits.  There are different things which must be proven for these claims. This is going to be a complex case but Sandy has a case with each.

We would advise Sandy to hire an experienced attorney who handles BOTH workers’ comp and personal injury claims.  These claims are going to need to be structured a specific way and depending on the nature and severity of the injuries, the claims could both prevail.

Case 2: Sandy is a postman.  While out on his route, he is bitten by a dog.  In this situation, Sandy will have a workers’ comp claim and potentially a personal injury claim, however, his workers’ comp claim will certainly be first and foremost.  While not quite as complex as the previous situation, Sandy should still hire an attorney because workers’ comp claims can be tricky and this one will take a look at his behavior on the job.

If you have a situation that involves being attached by a dog while working and you need advice, contact Ty.  He has the experience in these unique and fact-specific situations.

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