There are many reasons that your insurance company is not responding to your calls or other communications.  If your insurance adjuster won’t respond, it could be due to any number of reasons.  It could be due to a change of personnel,  bad customer service or an oversight.  It could also be something that needs to be addressed on your end, regarding the claim itself.

What can I do if the at-fault insurance company is not responding to my calls, my letters, my faxes or my emails?

If they’ve shut the door on responding to you, it’s important to determine the cause of their lack of communication.  There could be missing information from your file or it could be that the statute of limitations has run.  Either way, you need to reach out to a Georgia personal injury attorney quickly.

Here is a common situation:  Lacinda has an injury and has reported it to her insurance company.  For awhile they were communicating directly with her.  Suddenly, they have stopped responding to all calls, emails and letters.  She believes she has sent them every bit of information that they have requested.  Lacinda contacts an attorney who is experienced with personal injury claims.  He learns that her claim is only 1 month away from the statute of limitations; that time frame in which the claim will be forever barred if it is not properly filed before that date.  Lacinda is absolutely sure that she’s done all that has been asked of her and has been since immediately after the accident, nearly 2 years ago.  Now that she has contacted an attorney, he can expedite things to be sure the insurance company responds.  If he needs to file motions on her behalf, he can get this done so her claim does not fail because it was outside the statute of limitations.

How to Get Started

If you are in a situation like the one above, where you have a personal injury but your insurance adjuster won’t respond, contact us.  Ty has the experience, both in and out of court, to help you.  It your case requires a settlement, he will know when and how.  If your case requires trial, he will prepare you for court, argue on your behalf and help get your best solution. You can contact him here.

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