In the video above, Atlanta, Georgia workers’ compensation lawyer Ty Wilson discusses workers’ compensation benefits after an injury on the job.  For more details on this subject, see our article on workers’ compensation benefits.   The bottom line is that if you are injured on the job or hurt at work in Georgia, you’re entitled to medical care as it relates to your injury. There are some requirements that you must follow to get the help and care you need for your benefits on Georgia workers’ comp.

It’s important that you provide notice and we’ve done a video on that, so please take a look at that video. Once you provided notice to your employer, you want to ask them for medical care. There is a separate topic on posted panels of physicians, but that will give you a list of doctors that you can choose from in order to receive the medical care you need for your work injuries.

Different types of benefits

Medical benefits on Georgia workers’ comp are important because they will get you the medical care you need. If the medical provider that you’re seeing takes you out of work for more than 7 days, then you would also be entitled to what is called income benefits. If you’re taken out of work completely, it would be temporary total disability benefits. If you’re put on light duty work restrictions and your employer has work for you, it would be temporary partial disability benefits. Those are the main benefits that are available to you as you initially get hurt. At the end of your claim, once your doctor has likely released you to maximum medical improvement, you may also be entitled to what is called permanent partial disability benefits. If there is a death, then there are death benefits, and some of the death benefits include funeral expenses up to a certain statutory amount and income benefits for the surviving family members. These death benefits can be technical as to who is in fact entitled, so it’s highly recommended that you reach out to an Atlanta, Georgia workers’ compensation attorney to get the information you need so you understand what benefits you may or may not be entitled.

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