Georgia workers’ compensation attorney Ty Wilson discusses firing your current attorney.  This article addresses how you can work out issues regarding your workers’ comp claim, including understanding what may be causing the hold up with your case.  Before you decide to look for another lawyer, be sure to listen to this video and understand that you can actually harm your case if you move around too much.  the hold up on your case may actually be the insurance company, your employer or something else.  In addition, it’s important to note that each lawyer has the option of placing a lien on the case to receive money for the time spent working on your case while he had it.

Let’s walk through a quick scenario to see how this can play out in real life.   Leonard in injured on the job and hired Attorney A.  Leonard’s bills are not being paid, he loses his job and everything seems at a stand still.  Attorney A has taken the case on a contingency fee, meaning Leonard doesn’t pay upfront.  Attorney A will take 25% if the case is successful.  However, while Attorney A is working on the case, he has hired an accident expert to rebut what the employer says they believe happened.  He has also spent his own time researching, requesting documents, medical records and doing depositions.  He has also been preparing for trial since all settlement discussions have broken down.  It has turned into a complex case with the employer firing Leonard in the middle of his medical treatment, leaving Leonard with no income.  Attorney A has spent countless hours preparing for trial.  Leonard decides he no longer wants to wait and shops around for another Attorney.  He finds Attorney B.  Attorney B inquires from former Attorney for Leonard about the status of the claim and learns that there will be a lien placed against the case in the event of a positive financial outcome for the amount that Attorney A spent in time, resources and actual money paid out.  Attorney B will be reluctant to take this case.  Not only does he need to work directly through Attorney A to get up to speed but he is starting with a reduced award due to the lien.

Bottom line is to try and communicate with your current attorney to learn if he is doing his job.  Ask questions like:

  • Where are we on the case?
  • When can I expect to hear something from you again?
  • Can you update me on a regular basis?
  • Do you feel we still have a good chance of winning?
  • Are there things I can do to help my case?

If you are still receiving no responses or you need an alternate legal option, reach out to us.  We can provide you with a legal review.  If you are in need of a lawyer for a new case, we also do full reviews for that as well.  Ty has over 20 years of trial experience working with families on personal injury and workers’ comp cases.  He knows the ins and outs of complicated cases!

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