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As a new person to Georgia, or one travelling through our State, you may not realize that Georgia considers traffic tickets to be criminal offenses. That means that when an officer issues a citation for speeding, failing to yield, or any number of traffic based offenses, these are criminal citations which require a court appearance unless the fine is paid in advance. Many drivers simply pay the ticket, failing to understand the consequences of this significance.

Types of Citations for a Traffic Lawyer

Georgia has a notorious “Super Speeder” law and a “Move Over” Law. Both of these warrant the need to at least contact a lawyer. Here are types of citations common in Georgia:

Speeding – Super Speeder Law

Move Over Law

Driving Under the Influence (Alcohol or Drugs)

Failure to Yield

Running Stop Sign

Passing a School Bus


Driving with invalid license

Driving with no insurance

Click on the links above to learn more about those items. If you have received one of these citations in Georgia and are in need of legal advice and counsel, please contact our office. In Georgia, traffic tickets can vastly affect your driving record, your insurance rates and more. Let us help you mitigate those issues before they arise!

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