So what is the true cost of a traffic ticket? Hello. My name is Ty Wilson. I’m a traffic and attorney practicing law in the state of Georgia, and we’ve come up with several items that you need to consider if you live out of state and receive a Georgia traffic ticket.

The first thing is the cost of the traffic ticket itself. If you live out of state, you may think that just paying the ticket is the best option, however, that’s not always true. First of all, there is the cost of the ticket itself. Let’s say your ticket is $268. If you just pay it, you are admitting guilt. You are pleading guilty to the charge of that ticket. In Georgia you cannot fight your ticket by mail. You have to show up in court to do that. You also may be required to show up in person in court more than one time. All of that adds to the cost of that ticket if you want to fight it.

Now, why do we say paying it is not the best option in every case? Because once you plead guilty (when you pay the ticket), this may add points to your driving record, increasing your insurance costs or even affecting your driving privileges at some point. Most states reciprocate, which means, they enforce another state’s driving infractions.

Now, if you want to show up and fight it yourself, it’s not likely to be dismissed unless there is an obvious issue. It would need to be something that can be overturned in court. If they’re not going to do that for you directly, you’re going to have to hire a traffic ticket attorney.

Hiring a traffic attorney means that you do not have to worry about all of the travelling to fight the ticket. You will have someone who knows what he’s doing and is familiar with Georgia laws. Not all tickets should just be paid and not all tickets can be won with a fight so it’s critical that you have a skilled and experienced traffic lawyer who knows the difference.

The cost of you fighting the ticket yourself is going to be one of time. You can hang out in court all day, wait for the judge. You can go last, see how everybody else handles the situation and see what happens. But most of the time we hear that time is something people want to value and spending it in a court is not the way they want to spend their day.

If you have received a Georgia traffic ticket and you live out of state, we can do a review for you at no cost. We have a tool on our website here where you can upload the citation so we can quickly review it and advise if we can help you. Click here to visit that form and upload for a review.

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