After a car wreck, many people want to wait and see how they feel rather than going immediately to see a doctor.  This is understandable.  Sometimes you don’t know if you are hurt because you don’t have any major injuries that you can see.  So, the question we often get from callers is should I take an ambulance after a car wreck or can I go to my primary care physician?

The short answer to the question on should I take an ambulance after a car wreck is that it is left up to you.  You are, after all, the person who was injured and it is your ultimate decision.  You can go by ambulance or you can wait and see your regular doctor.  However, if you know you are injured (large cuts, broken bones, dizziness, hurting or stiffness), you should  take an ambulance after a car wreck because going by ambulance to a hospital shows the serious nature and pain you are experiencing immediately after the car wreck. This assists in showing the “causation”; that the car wreck caused the injury. That is important in the actual case.

If someone goes to a doctor days later and complains to the doctor that they were involved in a car wreck, likely that is the cause of why they’re showing up—due to their injuries. However, if someone waits 3 and a half weeks, 2 months, 4 months and then seeks medical treatment, there are a lot of questions as to what caused them to go see the doctor. Was it truly the car wreck? In other words, it’s much harder to prove that their issues are truly caused by the accident.  The other question that will be asked is if the accident caused the injuries, why did the person wait so long to seek treatment?  Causation becomes more and more difficult to prove even with a serious injury.

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