So, we get a lot of questions on what to do if you’re involved in a traffic ticket? You got to go to court. What to expect? Well, a lot of it depends on the charge if you have a speeding charge. Is it a crazy speeding charge? You know in the state of Georgia we have something called Super Speeder. That would be anything over 85 miles an hour on the freeway or interstate. And then on two lane roads that could be 75 miles an hour over. it just depends. And so, there are a lot of different varying factors. If you got into a wreck you wanna shit go into court showing that you have corrected that or your insurance company has corrected that wreck and paid for it. That would go a long way to the court showing okay this is this matter has been resolved from that standpoint. Now, what do we wanna do with the ticket? There are a lot more inclined to help you if you show proactively correcting situations such as a wreck. stay safe!


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