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Ty Wilson Law Podcast
#206 Georgia Workers' Compensation Lawyer - Can I Get A Lump Sum Settlement for My Workers' Comp Claim and Return Back to Work?

Can I get a lump sum settlement in my workers’ compensation claim and then return back to work? Hello, my name is Ty Wilson. I’m a Georgia workers compensation Attorney practicing Law in the State of Georgia.  And our topic for today is, “Can I settle my workers’ compensation claim for a lump sum settlement and then return back to work?”. And the short answer on that is,YES.  

However, if you are settling a worker’s compensation claim with an employer, there is a very likelihood that as a condition of the settlement, you will need sign some other documents. You will need to sign the settlement for the lump sum, what is called “stipulation and settlement agreement” for Georgia state board of Worker’s Comp. 

And in addition to that, they usually require or request that you sign a voluntary resignation and a release. Let’s talk about the voluntary resignation. If you are planning on returning back to your same employer, then the likelihood of getting a lump sum settlement and then returning back to that same position and same work, would be slubbed. 

If however, you have another job lined up and you’re looking to get the lump sum settlement and then start this other new job, then that is something that could, you could possibly do. And so if you have specific questions, it’s always recommended to always reach out to a Georgia Workers Compensation Attorney. Speak to them about the specifics of your particular claim. We hope that this information has been helpful and we’ll see you on the next video.