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#198 Georgia Workers' Compensation Lawyer - 3 Things to Destroy Your Workers' Compensation Claim
Alright, today we're talking about three ways to destroy your Georgia Workers’ Compensation claim. Hello, my name is Ty Wilson of Georgia Workers’ Compensation Attorney practicing Law in the state of Georgia. And we're talking about three things that will absolutely destroy your claim. And so if you want to guarantee this is a guaranteed way to absolutely destroy your claim. 
Number one, not reporting your injury to your employer. Sitting around knowing your hurt, you never tell your employer you hurt. You never tell your employer that you need medical care. Waiting about 30 days and then picking up the phone and trying to get an attorney to take your case. The guarantee is that they will deny the claim. And you're looking at long litigation which are likely not going to win. It's very important and very critical. And the way to overcome that is to report your injury as soon as possible. And to tell them, meaning your employer, you're hurt and you need medical care. 
Alright, number two, “quitting”. Getting hurt on the job and say, “That's it. I'm done. Quit. I'm out of here, resigning.I'm not going back.” That is a guarantee to destroy the possibility of receiving income benefits. Does that mean they are eliminated forever?  Maybe not. But it’s going to behind the.. It’s gonna require likely litigation in order to get your checks cut on. And it's also going to require possibly the need for surgery and that's if the claim is not denied in its entirety. And so you want to guarantee no income benefits when you get them and when you need them, when you're hurt at the worst state and time. Go ahead and quit. 
Number three, getting medical care setup and no showing to your doctor. Why do you need to get there? Who needs it? You don't show up to your doctor, I guarantee you that your medical benefits will cease. If you're getting income benefits, they will likely cease and stop immediately. And so you want to stop your claim dead and is track. You want to guarantee that you can stop your claim, don't show up to any of the informants. 
Now, I'm going to give you a bonus one as well. Hiring and firing multiple Attorneys. If you hire an attorney, you have the right to fire them. It's your claim. But if you hire that attorney and then you fire them and then you hire someone else. Remember, in a worker's compensation claim, the attorneys can file what are called liens for the time that they put in on the file. And when you've gotten multiple, every attorney that you hire is going to find out about the prior attorneys. And they're going to have to deal with them if there is any type of resolution down the road and negotiate with them likely for their leans. And so what you end up doing is guaranteeing yourself to deal with an attorney who takes on cases that have been handled by their attorneys. Some attorneys won't touch a case if there's a lien on it. And so you narrow your chances of getting an attorney that is going to properly handle the case. The guys who wheel and deal with leans well, they're in their own little world. You could affect the ability to get good counsel in your case. 

Now, we obviously are telling you these guarantees as tongue in cheek. This is meant to be for educational purposes only. We do not encourage you to not tell your employer until after 30 days. You should tell your employer immediately. We do not encourage you to quit. You should talk to a Georgia workers compensation attorney immediately. Find out what your rights are. Make an educated decision. Do not just quit. Alright. 

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