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Ty Wilson Law Podcast
#193 Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer - What Should I Do After An Animal Attack?

If a loved one or myself has been attacked by a dog, what is the first thing and most important thing to do? Hello, my name is Ty Wilson. I'm a Georgia personal injury attorney practicing law in the state of Georgia. And our topic for today is, “What is the first thing you do after an animal attack and or dog bite?” Well, the first thing you want to do is you want to get medical care as quickly as possible, especially depending upon the severity of the injuries. That is the absolute most critical thing that you can do. 

After you receive the care, or perhaps you can solicit a family member who has not been involved in the incident, you want to reach out to police and or animal control or both and file a report and have them investigate. And get as much detail as you can about what happened to them so that they can do their investigation. And determine if there's someone who they can follow up with and who is responsible for the dog or animal. Either way, that's going to be critical and helpful to you in helping try to reimburse you for medical expenses that you're going to end up having to pay out as a result of those types of injuries. 

If there is no injury, you really don't need to worry about that. You can still file a report to put the homeowner on notice that the dog has attacked, but there was no serious injury. And that way, the dog owner then will have a duty to make sure that they are diligent in keeping their dog contained and following whatever the laws are in that area. Whether it's a leash law or containment law. What if this information has been helpful? And we will look for you on the next video.Thank you.

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