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Ty Wilson Law Podcast
#190 Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer - What If I'm Attacked by a Friend's Dog?

So what if I'm attacked by a friend and or neighbor's dog? Hello, my name is Ty Wilson. I'm a Georgia Personal injury Attorney practicing Law in the State of Georgia. And this is a question that we received recently. “What if I was attacked by a friend and or neighbor’s dog?” Well, certainly that may strain the friendship. It depends on how serious the attack was. 

And is the friend and or neighbor going to work with you? If they're not going to work with you and they're not going to provide you any help and reimbursing you and paying you for what the dog has done? Well, once again, the questions are, “What are the facts? Was this something where you were over at the neighbor's house and you were provoking the dog?” Well, that's probably not going to go very well for you. 

However, if you were minding your own business on your property and the dog gets loose from a lease or a fence or something comes and attacks you, that could be a different scenario. So facts are always critical. And there's so many facts, it’s way too many to list on a simple video like this. But the reality is this, if you can work it out with your friends or neighbors, that's always best as this can strain friendships and constrain neighbor relations. So you want to reach out to them and see if, in fact, there's something that they'd be willing to do and willing to help you with. 

If it's severe, and when I say severe, we're talking severe surgery, hospitalization and extensive damages. You're going to want to reach out to a Georgia personal injury attorney and find out what your rights are. It doesn't mean you have to hire that attorney, but you do need to find out what are you potentially capable of recovering if there is coverage. And once again, that is based upon the facts of the attack. Hopefully you'll never have to go through that. We hope this information has been helpful, and we will see you on the next video. Thank you. 

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