Ty Wilson Law Podcast
Ty Wilson Law Podcast
#183 Georgia Workers' Compensation Lawyer - How Do Car Wreck Claims Work?

So how do car wreck claims work? Hello, my name is Ty Wilson. I'm a Georgia personal injury Attorney practicing law in the state of Georgia. And our topic for today is, “How do car wreck claims work?” Typically, what happens is someone will be involved in a car wreck and they will then seek treatment, try to receive full and complete treatment for all their injuries, and to get to what is called maximum medical improvement. And that means that, medically speaking, the doctors that they're treating do not believe that there's anything further medically that can be done to improve their condition. 

Hopefully you're back at 100%, but that's no guarantee. After that, then it's important to get the medical records, the medical bills. If you have an attorney that will do it for you. However, you get all of this information together, you get if there's any lost wages, that information together, and then you send what is called a settlement proposal. Some people call it a settlement demand to the insurance company. Giving them an amount that you wish to settle. And then that amount that you want to settle the claim is based upon the damages, Some people call it pain and suffering depending upon the extent of your injuries. 

And if you've had painful surgeries, and if you've had painful injections and that kind of thing. And so you put that together, you send it to the insurance company and then the insurance company will contact you. And if they're going to make a settlement offer on the case, they will do so. And typically there's some negotiating back and forth. And either you settle the claim. If you don't settle the claim, then you want to look into filing what is called “lawsuit” or go into litigation on the claim and take it to the courts. Not all cases are well suited to be taken to the courts, However, that would be the next step. 

And then you're laying it in the hands of the court, whether it be a judge or a jury. Typically it's a jury. And you're asking them to award you to reimburse you for all the medical care you've obtained, as well as the lost wages and as well as the pain and suffering and the harms and losses. And so that is kind of a big picture view of what car wreck claim looks like. If you have specific questions, it's always recommended that you reach out to a Georgia car wreck attorney personal injury attorney and speak with them about your situation. You want to find somebody that you're comfortable with. And see if they can help guide you through this may, if you will, of Georgia personal injury claims. I hope that information has been helpful. And we'll see you in the next video.  

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