Ty Wilson Law Podcast
Ty Wilson Law Podcast
#179 Georgia Workers' Compensation Lawyer - Can I File a WC Claim If the Injury Is My Fault?

Can I file a workers’ compensation claim if the injury is my fault? Hello, my name is Ty Wilson. I'm a Georgia Workers Compensation Attorney practicing law in the State of Georgia. And our topic for today is, “Can you file a work injury if it's your fault or if the reason you got hurt into your fault?” And the short answer is “Yes”. 

The Workers’ Compensation in Georgia, the workers’ compensation system, I should say, in Georgia is a no fault system. And so regardless of fault, you can file for a worker's compensation claim. Now, are you entitled to benefits? Well, there are other things that will come into play. If you were horse playing under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you will be denied a claim regardless of if you file it or not. And so there are certain reasons for them to be able to deny your claim. 

However, being at fault for the injury is not one of them. And so there are always exceptions. So this is a very fact specific area. So you should reach out to a Georgia Workers’ Compensation attorney. Ask them some questions. Tell them how you got hurt because the facts are what matter in these types of scenarios. And speak with them about if they believe you have a claim and should continue to pursue the claim based upon your conversations with them. I hope that information has been helpful and we'll see you in the next video.

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