Ty Wilson Law Podcast
Ty Wilson Law Podcast
#176 Georgia Workers' Compensation Lawyer - What If You Suffer An Injury Outside Of Your Workplace?

So what if you suffer an injury outside of your workplace? Hello, My name is Ty Wilson. I'm a George Workers’ Compensation Attorney practicing law in the state of Georgia. And our question for today is, “Will I qualify for Workers’ Compensation, medical care and income benefits if I was injured outside of the place where I work? And the short answer is maybe, it depends. 

It completely depends upon the facts of the situation. Where were you injured specifically? Were you injured in a parking lot connected to the building? Were you injured three miles away? Those make a big difference as to if Workers compensation benefits could be qualified for. And so it's always recommended you speak with a Georgia Workers Compensation Attorney. 

The law is changing rapidly in this area. And so what is good today may not be good tomorrow and vice versa. So it's important that you speak with the Georgia Workers Compensation Attorney. Let them know specifically the details related to your claim. And they can best serve and try to offer you help. And speak with you about  where the law stands at that point in time. Hope that information has been helpful and we will see you on the next video.

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