Ty Wilson Law Podcast
Ty Wilson Law Podcast
#175 Georgia Workers' Compensation Lawyer - Can I Receive Benefits If The Injury Was My Fault?

Can I receive Workers’ Compensation income benefits and medical care if my work injury was my fault? Hello, my name is Ty Wilson. I'm a Georgia Workers’ Compensation Attorney practicing Law in the state of Georgia. And our video topic for today is, “Can I receive Workers’ Compensation benefits, both income and medical care if the accident that occurred was my fault?” And the short answer is possibly. 

Facts are incredibly important in a scenario like that. However, we have had situations where someone was arguably at fault for their injury and they were able to obtain workers’ compensation income benefits and medical benefits in order to get back on their feet with their injury. 

And so it's highly recommended that you record and logdown to the best of your memory.  everything that happened that led up to the injury. And that you reach out and speak with a Georgia Workers’ Compensation Attorney and discuss the details because details are very very important when it comes to work injuries that may or may not have been your fault. 

A lot of it depends upon details about the claim, but typically I would say that there is a good chance that you would be entitled to medical benefits. But once again, there's so many exceptions. You're going to want to speak with the Georgia Workers Compensation Attorney to make sure. I hope that's been helpful. And we'll see you in the next video.

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