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#165 Georgia Workers' Compensation Lawyer -Will WC Cover Me for Illness or Injury NOT Related to an Accident?

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Will Workers Compensation cover me for work related injuries or illnesses that aren't the result of an accident? Hello, I'm Ty Wilson. I'm a Georgia Workers Compensation Attorney practicing Law in the state of Georgia. And our topic or question for today is, “Will Workers’ Compensation cover me for work related illness or injuries that aren't the result of an accident?” Well, that's a tricky question. 

The most important thing is that facts matter. And what I mean by that is how you got injured or how the injury developed. There is something called repetitive motion injuries where there is not what we would call a precipitating or main event. Your typical injury, when someone's lifting something, they feel a pop in their back, we call that a man or precipitating event. And so that's something that indicates that it happened when they were lifting something at that time. 

Whereas repetitive motion injuries are a little bit different. That's where someone is doing the same motion over and over. And over time, their body part breaks down or becomes injured. And so in those cases, there is still technically an accident date. You have to figure that out, and that's something that you should reach out to a Georgia Workers Compensation Attorney and discuss what may or may not be your options there as far as timing of all that. 

But the short answer is, “It depends”. And so, just because you do not have that precipitating event where you're lifting something and you hear a pop and feel pain and need care. If you have an injury and you feel pain, you need to investigate it. You need to speak with a medical professional. You need to speak with your employer, if it's something that occurred while at work. And it needs to be determined, if in fact, it is a work injury.

I would always recommend that you speak with a Workers Compensation Attorney. And ask them in your initial consultation or your free consultation. What their opinion is based upon the facts of your particular situation. We hope that's helpful. And we'll see you in the next video. 

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