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#161 Georgia Workers' Compensation Lawyer - Can I get fired After I Get hurt?

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Hello, my name is Ty Wilson. I'm a Georgia Workers’ Compensation Attorney practicing law in the state of Georgia. And our video topic for today is, “Can you get fired for being injured on the job?” 

Well, let's back up a second. George has an at-will state so you can be terminated for cause or for no cause at all. And so yes, there are times when we see that someone is fired because of being injured on the job. If it can be proven that you are fired because you were injured on the job, the employer will then likely be responsible for what is called income benefits to the workers compensation system. 

There are many details that revolve around these types of claims. They are very factual based. The question is, “Did they let you go because you were injured or was it because of something else that you may have done by not following their policies and procedures?” 

And so, very specific, always advisable that you reach out to a Georgia workers compensation attorney. And find out what your rights are and find out what can be done moving forward with your claim. If you've been terminated and you're not receiving income benefits. We hope that you found this information helpful. We thank you for watching this video. And if you have any specific questions or comments, please post them below. Thank you.

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