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#155 Georgia Workers' Compensation Lawyer - What Happens If Two Crashes While Still Treating?

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Hello Ty Wilson here, Georgia Attorney, practicing the law in the State of Georgia. And our video topic for today is, we have someone who is injured and they were getting treatment. And while they are still getting treatment, they got into another, either work or a motor vehicle collision. It could be for anyone. This particular individual got into both. They drive for a living and they got into a car wreck. 

Now, both car wrecks were not their fault. And so, the question is, “What happens to the first claim once I have a new claim? Do I have two claims and everybody is paying for the Medical Care?” The answer to that is NO. When you have a new accident and if you’ve injured the same body parts, you have something that has intervene and stop the first claim and start the second claim. And so, it’s somewhat of a tricky scenario. 

Always recommended that you speak with a personal injury attorney in your State or in the State of Georgia if you’ve been injured there. And find out what exactly your rights are. And what happens to the first claim versus what happens to the second claim? Do you get Medical Care? Or a lot of it depends on, “Are you hurt?” “Was it a serious collision?” 

If not a serious collision, you may not receive medical treatment and may not change things at all. If you’re hurt seriously or the injuries, the same injuries were aggravated or there are additional injuries, well everything’s probably going to go to the second claim. And so, it is very fact specific. And so, we hope that you found this information helpful. Anyway, feel free to come check out our other videos. Thank you!

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