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#150 Georgia Workers' Compensation Lawyer - Why File a Work Injury Claim?

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Hello, Ty Wilson here. Georgia Workers Compensation Lawyer practicing law in the state of Georgia. And our video topic for today is about a combination claim. And what I mean by that is someone was working and driving as part of their job. And was involved in a motor vehicle collision or an auto accident. And so the question is, “Why would I want workers compensation to pay for my medical treatment?” 

Well when you have two separate claims in workers compensation, the employer / insurer is responsible for the medical care as it relates to the injuries that were created in the work accident. And so they will be paying for the care out of their pocket. Now in order to do that, they have to authorize the care and they have a great deal of control depending upon specific facts in your claim. 

Whereas in a personal injury matter you are obtaining the care on your own but then you're also responsible for paying for the medical care that you obtained. And seeking reimbursement towards the end of the claim or if you have to file suit. And so they're two entirely different claims. However, workers compensation will pay for the medical care so long as it is related to the work accident. 

For more details on that, you always want to reach out to a Georgia workers compensation attorney. And more specifically someone who handles both Georgia workers compensation and Georgia personal injury, so you can get the understanding of what's going on on both of those types of claims. If you have any specific questions about a, what we call a “Combination Claim”– where you've been involved in a motor vehicle collision and a workers compensation claim at the same time. Feel free to give our office a call and we'll see you on the next video.

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