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Ty Wilson Law Podcast
#142 Georgia Workers' Compensation Lawyer - What are Income Benefits in Workers’ Compensation?

Hello, my name is Ty Wilson. I'm Georgia workers’ compensation attorney. And our question for today is what exactly are income benefits? When you get injured on the job, you may be entitled to income benefits. So what is that?

Well, if you are taken completely out of work for more than seven days by what is called an authorized treating physician, that is kind of a tricky deviation there. You may be entitled to income benefits as it relates to your injury. Now, a couple things you need to know: 

  1. As soon as you get hurt on the job, you need to tell your employer immediately. 
  2. I've been hurt on the job. I need medical care for my injuries. 

If you get to a medical doctor and  the doctor takes you out of work for seven days, and the employer has approved the medical doctors' visit and authorized it then you arguably should be entitled to income benefits. What does that mean? And it's not lost wages. Income benefits, what happens is workers comp takes 13 weeks prior to your injury. They average out your pay. It's called your average weekly wage and then they pay you two-thirds of that wage. And they cap it. Currently, the cap rate has recently been increased. And so the current maximum comp rate in Georgia is 675 that is changing from time to time. 

So it's always important depending upon when you're watching this video that you speak with a Georgia workers compensation attorney or you contact the Georgia State Board of workers compensation and inquire as to what is the maximum rate or where you can find the maximum comp rate. Now, if you're getting, if you're qualified to get income benefits, they should start paying you the checks promptly after you've been taken out of work for more than seven days. That's going to require some communication with the insurance adjuster. 

And so, you want to make sure that you keep great records. If a doctor takes you out of work and gives you a work status slip that says you are out of work and it gives you a particular time period that you're out of work. You want to keep that because that is your proof that you may be entitled to income benefits. 

If you have specific questions, it is always recommended that you speak with a Georgia workers compensation attorney. If you have any specific questions, feel free to give us a call at the number on the screen or come visit us at our website. Thank you.

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