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#129 Georgia Workers' Compensation Attorney - You Are Receiving Medical Care For Your Work Injury, Whats next?

Okay so now you’re receiving medical care for your work injury. What can you expect next? Hello my name is Ty Wilson. I’m a Georgia Workers’ Compensation attorney practicing in the state of Georgia. And so, if you’ve received medical care, the first question would be… What is your work status? 

The doctor you’ve seen should have said that you’re either out of work completely, you’re light duty and provided you restrictions or you’re full duty. If you’re fully duty, you return back to work and that’s what you can expect unless your injury gets worse and you are taken out completely from work or you are on light duty. So if you are at light duty, the question is, does the employer have work to accommodate your light duty restrictions. 

This is a time where you should reach out to a Georgia Workers’ compensation lawyer immediately. Talk to them, find out what your rights are, because it is a critical step in your claim. If you choose not to, and return back to work, it can have an effect on your claim in the future. 

If you’re out of work completely, what can you expect? The first seven days, nothing. After seven days, then they’re supposed to start issuing you income benefit checks. If you’re out of work for more than 3 weeks or 21 days, they should pay you for those first 7 days in which you got nothing initially. A lot of claims are resolved within those first 7 days so that the system or the legislature has put it in to place where they do not owe any income benefits for the first seven days. We hope that this information’s been helpful. We hope that we’ll guide you along if you need any guidance or help with your Georgia Workers’ Compensation claim. Please feel free to give us a call at the number below and we’ll see you on the next video.
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