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Ty Wilson Law Podcast
#125 - Savannah Car Accident Attorney - Does the At-Fault Insurance Have To Pay For All of My Medical Bills?

There is a lot of "fake news" about car wreck claims.  One of them is that the at-fault insurance company has to pay for all of my medical bills from a car accident.

The reality is there are many reasons why the at-fault insurance company does not have to pay for all of your medical bills.  The at-fault insurance first must confirm that their driver was liable or at-fault.  If their driver is 50% or less at-fault, you will find it hard to recover any of your medical bills.

If there are major gaps in medical care, there is a high probability that the at-fault insurance company will not pay for all of your medical care.  The reality is they view injury claims to be important and if it takes you two weeks to receive any medical care, they are likely going to deny paying for any of that care, unless it requires surgery.

If the at-fault driver has only minimum limits in Georgia ($25,000/$50,000) they may not pay for all of your medical care.  Policy limits mean no more than $25,000 per person and no more than $50,000 per accident no matter how many people are injured.

So if you are involved in a crash with 10 people and everyone is hurt and the at-fault insurance company has minimum limits, unless your medical bills are very small there is a high likelihood that the at-fault insurance company will not pay for all of your medical care.

These are just a few examples, however, it is important that you know that the at-fault insurance company is not just going to pay for anything. 

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Ty Wilson here,  welcome My podcast were revisiting some common myths on Georgia personal injury claims in Georgia car accident claims that we see here in Georgia and one of the many misconceptions that people who were injured in Georgia car wrecks have is that the insurance company will cover all of their bills and pay for all their medical care. The reality is under Georgia law, they're only required to pay what is reasonable and necessary medical care

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