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Ty Wilson Law Podcast
#124 - Savannah Car Accident Lawyer - How Do I Calculate Lost Wages?

When you are injured in a car accident and get hurt.  First, you need to seek medical care for your injuries.  It is important to discuss what you do for work so the doctor can determine if you are physically/medically able to return to work without restrictions based upon your injuries.  If the doctor takes you out of work, you should request a work status report in writing stating that you are not able to work.

If you fail to get a work status report, it is highly likely that the insurance company will consider that you took yourself out of work and will not reimburse you for your lost wages.  So once again, it is critical that you obtain a work status report stating how long the doctor is taking you out of work. You will also want to share this document with your employer. 

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Hello, this Ty Wilson and our frequently asked question for today for is for Georgia auto accidents. How do you calculate lost wages or how are lost wages calculated? Well, first, you have to determine what are lost wages. If you were employed and you were injured and you medically been taken out of work, do you have to have a medical excuse saying that you're out of work? If you are out of work, then you could be entitled to lost wages or a lost wage claim. 

If you're injured in an automobile accident, how do you calculate your lost wages? Well, it would be dependent upon how you earned your income. It is simple if it's a straight hourly calculation. If you were making $15 an hour and you missed 12 hours in one week, well, you multiply 15 times 12 and that's your lost wages. 

However, if you earn money in another way, such as commission or non-standard hourly calculations such as tips, it becomes a little more complicated to establish your lost wages. What must be done typically is you must obtain what your wages were over the course of the last three months. When you average that pay for the last three months, that should give you an average, monthly and weekly and daily rate. Then you can calculate how much time you missed according to your medical excuses, and that will give you a good indication of what you're lost wage claim would be if you're involved in a George Auto accident. 

Once again, one of the more critical things if you are injured in a George Automobile accident, is to make sure that the medical providers have provided you a work status Report which says you are unable to perform your job duties as the insurance companies typically require that to even consider a lost wage claim. Well, we hope that answers your question. I would love for you to come to check out our other audios and podcast, and we'll see you on the next podcast.

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