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Ty Wilson Law Podcast
#122 - Georgia Workers' Comp Lawyer - Who Pays for Workers' Compensation Insurance Coverage?

If you are an employee, it should be your employer, if you are an independent contractor you could be responsible for your own workers' compensation insurance coverage.   If you are in a sub-contractor/contractor role you may be required to provide coverage to the contractor who hired you in order to work on a specific job.

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Who pays for workers' compensation insurance coverage?  If you are an employee, your employer will pay for the Georgia worker's compensation insurance coverage. Not all employers are required to pay for workers' compensation insurance, and it is important that you know if your employer is subject to the Worker's Compensation Act, and that is pretty easy to determine. If there are three or more employees, then your employer is required to provide worker's compensation insurance coverage. There are instances where you have employers with less than three employees, and they also apply and are covered under the Georgia Worker's Compensation Act.

So it's important that you reach out to a Georgia work injury attorney. They can tell you pretty quickly if your employer has insurance coverage or you can contact the Georgia State Board of Workers, compensation the coverage in it and they'll be able to let you know that would be important and moving forward as it makes a claim a lot more difficult if the employer has no worker's compensation insurance coverage.

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