What happens when you live out of state and you get a Georgia ticket? If you are given a ticket in Georgia, you are given a court date which requires that you attend your court date unless you pay that ticket before your court date. So, what happens if you never plan to travel through, or to, Georgia again but feel you want to fight your ticket? This article and video is all about what happens if you receive a Georgia ticket but you live out of state.

Now, because you live out of state (out of Georgia), you may think it would be best to just go online and pay the ticket. However, Georgia considers traffic tickets criminal misdemeanors. What that means is when you pay your ticket, you are actually pleading guilty to the crime. As a traffic ticket attorney, the last thing I would recommend is for you to simply pay your ticket without speaking to someone like me first. It’s important that you understand Georgia law as it relates to traffic laws.

The other thing is that you cannot fight a ticket “by mail”. In some states, that is a possibility but not here in Georgia. In addition, sometimes you have to return to court. Maybe the officer wasn’t there that day or he/she needs to return to testify, or maybe you need to have some tests run for the equipment. If you don’t plan to come back to Georgia, this is all about time and money for you. Each jurisdiction handles this a little bit differently and you won’t know until you are in the middle of it.

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Having a local attorney handle this for you means having someone who already knows the lay of the land, so to speak. If you have an out of state ticket, let us help you. Ty can review your ticket at no cost and you can upload it easily by using our online form.

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