We receive this question fairly often regarding the super speeder speeding law in Georgia so we wanted to post it online for our readers. Here are a couple of typical situations and how we would answer.  


I just moved to Georgia.  I keep hearing about this “super speeder” law.  Is there really a special law in Georgia related to speeding? 

Yes.  Georgia has a law that is known as the “super speeder” law.  HB160 became known as the Super Speeder Law aimed to slow down drivers in Georgia.  The law provides a $200 additional fine for anyone who is convicted of driving over 85 miles per hour on any road or highway or 75 miles per hour on any two lane road or highway.  Learn more about this law in our article.  It’s important to know a couple of things.  First, in Georgia, traffic offenses are criminal.  Second, although this law is a misdemeanor, it can affect your driving record, just as all tickets can.

I was driving through Georgia on my way to South Carolina.  I received a speeding ticket.  I went online and paid it.  I thought that was the end of it.  Then I received a $200 fine.  What is this? 

This is the essence of the Super Speeder law.  This is why many drivers believe that paying the ticket is all that is needed, when in fact, this is a guilty plea.  Georgia considers traffic offenses criminal charges – misdemeanors.  When we receive calls such as the ones above, we usually represent the subject of the citation.  Having the right representation immediately can mean the difference in points on your license, money being paid and more.  


If you have other driving infractions on your record, especially ones that are outstanding, you can lose your driving privilege, pay hefty fines or even go to jail. Get to know the laws in Georgia by following our website and reading our articles. You can contact us and even upload a traffic citation for a free review right here online.

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