Today’s question is, “Is there a time limit to file a car wreck claim?” This is a very common question.  The short answer is Yes, there is a time limit to filing a car accident claim. The typical time limit is two years from the date of the accident or the injury. However, there are certain situations where the statute of limitations or time limit can be less.  Those exceptions exist where  the wreck involved a government entity because if so, the time is a lot shorter than the County and the state, which is also shorter.

Litigation involving car accidents can be complex even if you have an accident report citing another person as the responsible party.  If you were injured, you want to be sure you get everything filed properly with the correct insurance company.   If you have those unique situations where the wreck involved a company or a governmental entity, you’re going to want to reach out to a Georgia personal injury attorney as quickly as possible so you can file your claim before it expires.  If you miss the statute of limitations deadline, you’re done. The court will not allow a filing.  It’s very important that you speak with someone quickly.

Filing your claim at the appropriate time is critical to your case.  Even if you have not recovered from your injuries, you still should preserve your rights by filing.  This will protect your rights with respect to time limit to file a car wreck claim.

If you have been in an accident and need our assistance, you can upload your accident report directly on this website for a case review.  This will cost you nothing.  Ty will review your case and let you know where you stand.  Visit Submit Your Citation to get the information reviewed.

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