In the video above, Atlanta | Savannah car accident attorney Ty Wilson discusses what you should do when you have not received the insurance company’s check that has supposedly been issued to your attorney. This is for information purposes.  It  is ALWAYS recommended that you speak with a Georgia car wreck attorney for specific answers to your specific claim.

Here is the situation that we see most often:  A person will contact our office and tell us that he or she received a letter from the insurance company stating they have issued a check to my attorney. It’s been a bit of time and I have not heard anything from my attorney’s office. What should I do?

Communication is always the best course of action.  We recommend that you just reach out and contact your attorney. Let them know that you received a letter from the insurance company and that the letter indicates you that the check was sent to the attorney.  Depending upon if you signed any type of power of attorney, the attorney likely has the funds in their trust account. However, you always want to verify that they have in fact received the funds.  In some cases, the lawyer may never receive the funds and he or she will need to reach out to your insurance company to get this resolved.

If you learn that the attorney does have the funds, you want to determine the next steps to getting you any monies you have coming.  The attorney could be negotiating liens or trying to reduce medical bills that you owe in order to attempt to get you more money in your pocket. It just depends on your specific case.  However, we do advise that you work directly with your attorney.

If you have any specific questions related to this topic, or if you need a lawyer for your injury, car accident, pedestrian accident or more, contact us. 

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