In the video above, Ty discusses the process of a lawsuit in Georgia.  This article will address that situation in more detail.

If you have a current lawsuit, it can take several years and there are many reasons for that.  Let’s walk through a sample case to get a feel for how it can process.

Pam is in an accident and is injured.  The accident is not her fault.  She goes to the hospital immediately to seek treatment.  Her treatment lasts over a year.   She requires surgery and physical therapy.  She has hired an attorney to represent her for her case.  Because of the length of her treatment, and the uncertainty of her long term prognosis, settlement talks fail.  The insurance company wants to provide a check for her medical bills and a small amount for her future wages.  Pam’s attorney will begin to work to get ready for trial.  This will include depositions, requests for discovery of medical documentation and more.  This is time consuming and lengthy.

Once a case is on the trial calendar, it generally moves along at a much faster rate.    Getting to the trial calendar is the longest point because of the preparation required getting there.  The best way to handle this is to speak with your attorney at the beginning of your case to determine the process.  He can help manage your expectations so that it’s not as frustrating.

If you are have been injured in an accident, whether you are at the beginning of your case, or realize you may need an attorney, you can contact our office by visiting our Contact page.  Ty can do a case review to determine your next step.  With years of courtroom experience, he knows the process and can set your expectations.


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