If you are suffering from an injury that was caused by repetitive motion, you may wonder how you should go about reporting this? Ty Wilson is a Georgia workers compensation attorney practicing law in the state of Georgia.  Our video topic for today is, “How do you report a repetitive motion injury?”.

What is a Repetitive Motion Injury?

Well, most injuries are the result of an event that occurs or an injury that happens such as lifting something and you feel a pop in your back and suddenly you have intense pain. That would be an injury where a specific event occurred that caused the injury. Whereas a repetitive motion injury is where you’re moving the same body part in the same direction and gradually over time it gets worse and worse and worse. Repetitive motion injuries can include things like carpel tunnel, for example.

A repetitive motion injury can certainly be the result of your work.  Our suggestion is once you get to the point where you’re feeling a great deal of pain, you need to report it to your supervisor and or boss. You need to ask them for medical care as it relates to your injury.  Some employers will not provide medical care and some employers will. If they will, seek medical care and provide detailed descriptions of what you were doing.  Make sure to tell them what kind of pain you’re in as a result of the work. They will determine whether they believe that this is work-related injury.

What’s most important here is that once you begin feeling the pain and it isn’t healing on its own, you need to alert your management.  A repetitive motion injury is more than a general soreness.  If the pain is reoccurring over and over and getting worse and worse, you need to report that to your employer. You need to let them know because that could be an indication that you’re about to get into a great deal of pain and not be able to function as an employee. If you don’t tell the employer, the employer will think that you one injured yourself doing something outside of work.  They may not provide medical care and if you miss work due to your injury, they may ultimately terminate your employment.

If you have any specific questions, always reach out to a Georgia Workers’ Compensation Attorney. We hope that answers your question and we will look for you on the next video.

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