Hello, Ty Wilson here. And we are answering a question that we received on one of our video. It asked. “Where do you get the proper documentation for a claim?” “And what information does a person need within the first few weeks after an on the job injury?” Ty Wilson Georgia workers compensation lawyer tracticing law in the state of Georgia. And so, when you first get injured the most important thing you can do is you can report the injury to your employer. And so that is what is called giving notice. Seems pretty straightforward. You need to tell them, 1. You’re hurt 2. that you need medical care for your work injuries and you need to explain to them how you got hurt. You wanna explain everything. Head to toe. Exactly how you got hurt, and what was injured as a result of that. Now, once you do that what is supposed to happen, is they’re supposed to either fill out what’s called a WC1. First report of injury and notify the workers compensation insurance carrier or that supervisor or person that you are reporting the injury to. Should send you to HR somebody either HR or the manager or the supervisor. Should have the knowledge to know how to push this claim forward and what that involves as I said is, a first report of injury the form that needs to be completed and they may hand it to you and say here complete this write this up tell us how you got hurt and again you wanna be thorough head to toe everything that’s hurt how you got hurt and that you need medical care for your injuries. What is supposed to happen next is either you are supposed to hand that report to the supervisor or HR person you might wanna make a copy of it so you have it for your records and that person is supposed to turn it over and notify the insurance company for the workers compensation carrier Well, where can you find that information if the HR person or the supervisor doesn’t know? It should be on what is called the posted panel of physicians. This is that list of doctors that you’re allowed to go to if you’re injured on the job. Aand so, usually that is posted somewhere in a break room typically if there is a break room. If not usually HR has some sort of knowledge as to where that is whether it’s in a drawer. What had you? It is supposed to be posted however the law is a little flexible with the employers on whether or not it is required for them to have it posted. Regardless at the bottom of that list there should be an insurance adjuster’s name or company’s name and a telephone number that you can reach them you wanna call that number HR may or may not call that number but you definitely wanna call that number or if you have an attorney on the file well then they can call the number set up the claim try to get you an appointment with someone on that list of doctors as quickly as possible so that you can get treated for your injuries all of your injuries and see what’s going on. See if you need to be taken out of work or if you’re on light duty or if you’re back at full duty. And so that is the first thing that needs to happen It’s notice, and providing notice to a supervisor or an HR person so that you can move that claim forward. If you fail to do that, there is a question on if proper notice was given. And so you eliminate several different hurdles if you just provide proper notice, let the person know you’re injured, let the person know you need medical treatment and find that list of doctors or that posted panel physicians. We hope this information has been helpful, and we will see you on the next video. Stay safe!


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