It does not happen often but there are occasions when accidents happen by someone driving a rental car.  In this case, the driver who was hit wants to know what action he or she should take, especially if there are injuries.   So today, we will answer the question in the video above: I was hit by someone who was driving a rental car. What should we do?

As we always advise, get medical treatment if you are injured.  If someone else is injured, call for medical treatment for that other person.  After you have taken care of your medical needs, you want to be sure to get a police report as proof of the injury.  Many times people will tell you that they would rather just deal with it “off the books” and not call the police.  Do not do this.  This can lead to many issues.

First of all, you may not know the extent of the damage to you or your vehicle.  The person who is promising to fix your car and pay your bills may have no clue as to the extent of the damage or the total cost.  If your injury results in long term care, such as a surgery, or physical therapy, the rental car driver may not have the financial resources for that type of treatment.  Always get a police report.  This is your proof that you were injured the way you said you were and it’s proof that your vehicle needs to be repaired by the other party or your insurance company, in the alternative.

Being hit by someone in a rental car means there is at least one additional insurance company to navigate.  It’s a good idea to reach out to a Georgia Personal Injury attorney and speak with them about what would be the next step. It is also a good idea, out of an abundance of caution, to set up a claim with your insurance company. Not the rental car company or the at-fault carrier—as often times you’re waiting for the police report in order to set those claims up. You want to set up a claim with your insurance just in case there is no insurance or there is very little insurance through the person who’s driving the rental car.

However, it is very important that before contacting your insurance company and setting up the claim, you speak with an experienced  Georgia Personal Injury attorney so you’ll understand what to expect and you know what rights you may be giving up if you provide any information; such as, a recorded statement or if you sign any documents (such as medical releases).

If you have been in a situation such as this or hit by a rental car, contact us.  Ty can offer a case review to get you on the right track or he can provide legal representation.  With years working in the Georgia courts and with insurance companies, Ty understands how these types of cases can be tricky.  Let his expertise work for you.

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