A failure to appear in court in the state of Georgia can get you locked up.  That means jail time.  When you receive a traffic ticket, you are asked to sign the ticket.  Your signature states that you will appear in court unless the ticket is paid before the court date.  In some cases, you MUST appear, and cannot pay your way out of a court appearance.  For example, driving without insurance will often require that you show up in court rather than simply pay a fine online.  Either way, if you are required to appear but miss your court date, you will be charged with a failure to appear and a bench warrant will be issued.

After a failure to appear, you lose the option to pay the fine and make the ticket go away. This will most certainly result in a criminal record if not handled properly.  Furthermore, there are rare excuses that will be accepted for missing court.  In Georgia, traffic offenses are criminal misdemeanors so not showing up for a court date can put this on your record.

When you receive a citation, it’s always best to consult an attorney to learn your options.   Some citations allow you to simply pay.  However, paying is also a statement of guilt and can have an affect on your driving record,  your insurance rates and more.  And although it can be tempting to drive without a license, it will make your situation even worse.

If you are facing any of these issues, or know someone who is, contact our office.  Ty Wilson knows the law, the courts and will take the time to learn your situation.  He will work with you to help you clear your record, help you in your court appearance or resolve your traffic related issue.  If paying your fine is the best option, he will tell you straight up.  If fighting your ticket is the best option, he will fight with you.

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