In the above video, Georgia workers’ compensation attorney Ty Wilson discusses the process for obtaining medical care for your work injury when your employer refuses to pay workers comp. This is for information purposes it is ALWAYS recommended that you speak with a Georgia workers’ compensation attorney for specific answers to your claim.

So, what is the process for getting medical care? Hello my name is Ty Wilson. I’m a Georgia Workers’ Compensation attorney practicing law in the state of Georgia. And our topic for today is “What is the process for obtaining medical care if your employer refuses to pay workers comp?”

Well, let’s say you’ve gotten hurt on the job and if it’s an emergency, you need to call an ambulance and you need to get transported to the hospital. Obviously, depending upon the nature of the injury, if you’ve sawed off an arm or something that’s really severe… you need an emergency care. You need to seek care at the hospital and then figure out how to communicate that with the employer once you’re stable. That’s the important thing. If it’s not an emergency, if it’s a back injury lifting and it’s not something that is an emergency from the stand point of your not having blood loss or you have severed a limb or something along those lines… then you need to reach out to your supervisor and/or boss and let them know:

1. You’ve been hurt and;
2. You need medical care for your injuries.

Your employer should  have what is called a “posted panel of physicians“. That is a list of doctors that you can go to if you’re hurt on the job. Not all employers have this. If they do, then the question becomes: is it what is called a valid posted panel of physicians?  That means they have followed the legal requirements and all the fun stuff that lawyers fight over. If you aren’t sure if they have complied with these requirements,  you’ll want to speak with a Georgia Workers’ Compensation attorney.

At Ty Wilson Law, we review panels with no charge. You don’t have to hire us to represent you. But we can give you an indication based upon what makes a valid panel and whether your employer has posted a valid panel. We can advise you about your next steps.

So, remember, If the employer refuses to pay workers comp, then you need to speak with a Georgia Workers’ Compensation attorney immediately. This is especially true if you are unable to do your job up to standard since your accident.  Otherwise, you’re looking at being possibly terminated and digging a financial hole that you don’t wanna dig if you can avoid it. And so, we hope that you’ve found this information helpful. And we’ll see you on the next video.

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