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Do Pedestrians Have the Right of Way?

Pedestrians vs Cars: Who Is At Fault? With more and more people out and about these days, accidents are bound to happen between cars and pedestrians. In a battle between a person and a moving vehicle, there is no question that the machine will win. That is why...

Emergency care after the road accident

Do I Need a Pedestrian Accident Attorney?

Will The Insurance Company Take Care of Me? Do I Need A Pedestrian Accident Attorney? Often people believe they can handle their pedestrian accident without hiring a pedestrian accident attorney. However, dealing with insurance companies can be tricky. The...

District Court Arrest Warrant court papers with handcuffs and blue pen on United States flag

Failure to Appear in Court

A failure to appear in court in the state of Georgia can get you locked up.  That means jail time.  When you receive a traffic ticket, you are asked to sign the ticket.  Your signature states that you will appear in court unless the ticket is paid before the court...

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Do Traffic Lawyers Really Work?

This question posed in the title of this article can certainly mean a couple of different things but either way, the answer is: YES. Typically we get the question when someone learns that Ty is an experienced traffic ticket lawyer. "Really? Do traffic lawyers...

pedestrian involved accident


If you are in a car accident involving a pedestrian, there are things that can help you down the road. During the accident, your mind is not clear. Even if you were a witness, chances are, seeing a car accident involving a pedestrian has left you shaken. Depending...

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Who is Liable for a Stray Dog Bite in Georgia?

Today we are going to cover a less known and less popular topic; the stray dog bite. Most dog owners are responsible dog owners who do not allow their pets to roam free. Most dogs are not aggressive, despite what you read in the news. That being said, there are...

Without a Single Drop to Drink, You Can Still Get a DUI

Imagine the following: You are driving home back home after spending a long, relaxing day at the beach.  It's a luxury you rarely get so you are completely lost in the drive home.  About half the way home, you see blue lights in your rear view mirror.  You pull...

Warehouse worker after an accident in a warehouse.

What is Georgia Worker’s Compensation?

Although it is a nationwide program, each state has its own set of guidelines, laws and rules governing worker's compensation. In Georgia, workers’ compensation is an accident insurance program paid by your employer. It is designed to provide the employee with...

Doris Moody
Doris Moody
23:06 04 Aug 22
I was very pleased with Ty Wilson's Law firm. He kept me well informed about what was needed for my... traffic ticket case and the overall outcome. Ty was able to prevent me from spending extra money on a trip to Georgia as I live in another state. The state I lived in referred me to his office. I would recommend his services to anyone in need. It was of great pleasure to work with him and his assistant. Thank you again Ty Wilson Law!read more
13:58 04 Aug 22
I live in Florida but my case appeared in Georgia and ty Wilson is the best Attorney anyone can... ask for . He gets everything done fast and smooth . Not only does he get everything done but he cares about his clients and make sure there okay and aware of everything that’s going on with the client case . Also he has a good office management as support for clients too and always responds to questions and concerns .read more
Shawn Meadows
Shawn Meadows
00:14 15 Jul 22
They are the real deal. Called me straight back and took time to talk to me without rushing me off... the phone. I got a hands free device ticket and he got it dismissed completely. Very affordable and gets right on it. I highly recommend TY. Thanks a lot I really appreciate you guys. I will definitely call you guys up if I was to need an more
Candid Hendrieth
Candid Hendrieth
15:56 06 Jul 22
I can honestly say that Mr.Ty Wilson and His wonderful Staff is a blessing to my Workmen comp case... after being referred to him by my cousin who spoke so highly of him, Ty Wilson and His Staff is everything she spoke of, I was able to contact him or his staff at anytime which I really liked his assurance was way beyond I ever experience with any lawyer, He also made sure that everything from medical bills was taken care of to weekly workmen comp checks where I thought was no hope he made it possible to beat the odds of doubt, I can't Thank You enough Mr.Ty Wilson Blessings to You and Your Team Alwaysread more
Saul Vivas
Saul Vivas
11:59 15 Apr 22
I contacted Ty Wilson Law due for a speeding ticket. He was able to handle my case and it made it... so much easier for me since I got the ticket in a different state. I looked around to hire a firm and I came upon Ty Wilson law and was able to quickly get a response. Ty Wilson was able to remove any charges so it wouldn't affect my records. I definitely recommend Ty Wilson Law. You let them know what you need and they will get on it right away. Very easy to communicate as more
Jessie Thompson
Jessie Thompson
15:36 29 Mar 22
We were able to reach a settlement in a difficult PI case; there was a constant open line of... communication, and I appreciated Ty’s willingness to proactively explain next steps along the more
Carly Herzer
Carly Herzer
21:13 22 Mar 22
I contacted Ty regarding a speeding ticket I received while driving through Georgia. He answered... all of my questions, and made me feel more calm about a super frustrating situation. He from the very beginning gave me realistic expectations, and was super responsive and kept me in the loop every step of the way. I was lost handing this on my own, and he made it all super simple. The results were even better than we expected! I would highly recommend him to anyone. Great service, reasonable rates, and EXCELLENT more
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