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Open wine bottle neck

Does Georgia Have an Open Container Law?

I am often the designated driver because I don’t drink.  Can I get in trouble if my passenger has an open beer? We see this question often.  Georgia is very serious about drinking and driving.  Although being a designated driver is appreciated, do...

Income Benefits – Weekly Benefit Let's discuss  income benefits - the weekly benefit - and how they work under Georgia workers compensation law.  Georgia worker's comp law is designed to provide the employee with medical, rehabilitation and income...

Georgia’s Super Speeder Law

Imagine you are driving down to Jekyll Island for a business conference for work. It’s a beautiful day as you travel along the highway, stopping in Savannah, Georgia for a bite to eat and some photos of one the historic squares. As you enter back onto the highway,...

An accident of a woman worker at the construction site.

Top 10 Things NOT to Say To Your Worker’s Comp Adjuster

If you have been injured at work, you will need to report your injury and see a doctor from a list provided by your employer. After that, you will be assigned a worker's comp claims adjuster. The job of a worker's comp adjuster is to assess your injury, determine...

File a Claim With No Police Report? We receive a lot of calls asking whether you can file a claim with no police report.  Somewhere throughout the years, it seems that drivers have become less educated on the need to learn laws in the State that they are...

Claud “Tex” McIver

Claud Tex McIver The case of Tex McIver was in the news for quite awhile. McIver was a wealthy lawyer. He was convicted in 2018 of felony murder for the murder of his wife, Diane, in 2016. This case is a bizarre one. Tex was riding in the backset, behind his wife...

Hit By A Rental Car What Should I Do? – Video It does not happen often but there are occasions when accidents happen by someone driving a rental car.  In this case, the driver who was hit wants to know what action he or she should take, especially if there are...

State Police Traffic Stop

Does a traffic ticket count as an arrest? 

We often get calls asking "Does a traffic ticket count as an arrest?", or "Does the traffic ticket go on your record?".  We are going to answer these questions by explaining how traffic stops work in Georgia. In Georgia, a traffic ticket is NOT an arrest, but it is...

hands free driving law ty wilson

Hands Free Georgia Law – Hands Free Driving

It's hard to think back to a time when we did not have a phone in our cars and trucks.  We have become so accustomed to being available 24 hours of the day to family, friends, work and social media.  However, an alarming statistic showed that most accidents were...

Saul Vivas
Saul Vivas
11:59 15 Apr 22
I contacted Ty Wilson Law due for a speeding ticket. He was able to handle my case and it made it... so much easier for me since I got the ticket in a different state. I looked around to hire a firm and I came upon Ty Wilson law and was able to quickly get a response. Ty Wilson was able to remove any charges so it wouldn't affect my records. I definitely recommend Ty Wilson Law. You let them know what you need and they will get on it right away. Very easy to communicate as more
Jessie Thompson
Jessie Thompson
15:36 29 Mar 22
We were able to reach a settlement in a difficult PI case; there was a constant open line of... communication, and I appreciated Ty’s willingness to proactively explain next steps along the more
Carly Herzer
Carly Herzer
21:13 22 Mar 22
I contacted Ty regarding a speeding ticket I received while driving through Georgia. He answered... all of my questions, and made me feel more calm about a super frustrating situation. He from the very beginning gave me realistic expectations, and was super responsive and kept me in the loop every step of the way. I was lost handing this on my own, and he made it all super simple. The results were even better than we expected! I would highly recommend him to anyone. Great service, reasonable rates, and EXCELLENT more
Rob Currie
Rob Currie
01:20 28 Jan 22
Mr. Wilson took great care of my legal issues & saved me a lot of money & pain...He called me back... whenever I had any questions or needed guidance. Thank you so much! Awesome job!read more
Patrick M
Patrick M
14:18 09 Dec 21
I highly recommend Ty Wilson! From my experience he KNOWS the Law and is incredibly helpful. Thank... You for all your help!!!!read more
Alejandro Alonso Fúster
Alejandro Alonso Fúster
20:55 03 Nov 21
Mr Wilson was hired as attorney in a citation GCPD gave me in late August. I searched online by a... legal firm and reviews were praising. Online application is extremely easy, payment is secured and can be done easily online; once finished the application and payment, my attorney reached me. He kept me posted all the time regarding the process, advising, and asking questions. Finally the case was settled, a good outcome, rapid guidance toward requested documents and fees were given. I’m really satisfied for the services provided by Mr. Wilson and his legal firm. I Strongly recommend their more
Whitney Brown
Whitney Brown
20:27 05 Oct 21
Worker's comp was in no hurry to get my back better. After over a year of waiting, two surgeries,... and still having problems I felt like it was time for a second opinion and to hire someone aggressive enough to get the ball rolling. Mr. Wilson was highly recommended to me by a close friend and I have no regrets. He worked diligently on my case and kept me informed in a timely manner. If I had questions, he would always get back with me, even on the weekends. I couldn't recommend anyone more professional than him. Thank you, Ty!!read more
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