This question posed in the title of this article can certainly mean a couple of different things but either way, the answer is: YES. Typically we get the question when someone learns that Ty is an experienced traffic ticket lawyer. “Really? Do traffic lawyers really work” or “should you hire a lawyer to fight your traffic ticket”? Yes. Yes.

Traffic violations in Georgia are criminal offenses.  If you are a visitor or new to Georgia, you should know that traffic citations are misdemeanors.  The laws can be complex and winning in court without a traffic attorney is not common.  Learn more about Georgia’s traffic laws here. In addition, having offenses on your record can affect your ability to drive among other things.

Having a traffic lawyer really works because they are well versed in the Georgia law.  They also know the court system.  They understand which courts will allow lesser charges and which ones should be fought.  More importantly, they know when and how you should fight or if you should settle it out and pay the fine.  But even if you have to pay the fine, a skilled traffic lawyer often has the knowledge to work to get that amount reduced or to limit the impact the ticket may have on your driving record. 

If you have received a citation, you can contact us for a free review of that citation by uploading it.  Our office will review at no cost to you.  

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