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Savannah personal injury attorney Ty Wilson discusses if you should contact your insurance company after being in an Atlanta car wreck.

My name is Ty Wilson. I’m a Georgia personal injury attorney practicing law in the State of Georgia and our video topic for today is:

I was a passenger in a motor vehicle, we got into a wreck, should I contact and notify my insurance?

Essentially what you are asking is this: Do I have to report every accident to insurance? You are always encouraged to notify your insurance company as we do not know initially when a wreck occurs if there is insurance coverage from the at-fault party. The vehicle could be stolen there are all kinds of circumstances but that would be one of the big ones where liability doesn’t attach to a stolen vehicle so the at-fault driver may not have insurance coverage.

If they don’t then the insurance coverage swings to your policy. It’s important that you put them on notice immediately. What is important is that they know is that there has been a wreck and if you’re receiving medical treatment that you are receiving medical treatment.

You do not want to go into specifics, you do not want to go into details. You should speak with a personal injury attorney such as myself prior to giving a recorded statement or signing any documents. Often these insurance adjusters will send out documents immediately, call you immediately, just saying that they want a recorded statement of what happened. You need to always speak with a personal injury attorney prior to giving a recorded statement or prior to signing any documents whatsoever as you may signing away some of your rights as it relates to your claim.

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