So what is the true cost of just paying your Georgia traffic ticket? Hello my name is Ty Wilson. I’m a Georgia traffic ticket attorney practicing law in the state of Georgia. And our topic for today is so what is the cost other than obviously just paying the fine when you just pay the ticket? So you’re out of state. I don’t want to go back to Georgia, so I’m gonna just send them in the money order and be done with it.

Well, it’s not a great idea. And here’s why. What happens is the court will process your ticket, whatever it may be speeding, following too closely, move over law, etc. and they will process that as a guilty plea. They’ll take your money, and then they’ll turn over the charges to the Georgia Department of Driver Services, who will assess points.

If you’re in the state of Georgia, those points will go on your record and then your insurance company, when they run a driving record check on you, we’ll see that there’s points and they will increase your premiums. We’ve seen it as much as $2500 over the course of three years for three point violations. If you have more points, it could be more money. And that can be quite expensive. That’s not just your ticket.

And what happens is they increase that to $2500 that we’re talking about over the time of three years. And so that is what we’ve been seeing. There’s no indication that it can’t be higher or lower. That’s up to the insurance company. We feel like the best move is to try to get out in front of that and make sure that you’re not hit with a $2500 surprise over the course of three years. If you have any questions about mailing in a ticket, it’s worth at least speaking with a Georgia traffic ticket attorney. Feel free to give our office a call or you can upload your citation directly for a review. If you have any questions, we will see you on the next video.

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