Claud Tex McIver

The case of Tex McIver was in the news for quite awhile. McIver was a wealthy lawyer. He was convicted in 2018 of felony murder for the murder of his wife, Diane, in 2016. This case is a bizarre one. Tex was riding in the backset, behind his wife who was riding as a passenger in the front. A friend of the couple was driving. Tex maintained that he had his gun out due to protestors in the neighborhood where they were driving. The handgun was loaded and he was seated directly behind his wife. He claimed he fell asleep with his finger on the trigger and shot her.

The evidence presented consisted of trajectories for the bullet, how his arm was positioned, the force used to pull the trigger while allegedly sleeping and more. Defense argued that he stood to gain more with his wife alive since she was the financial support for the couple and earned more alive than any life insurance policy could provide.

McIver and his lawyers will be appealing his case before the Georgia Supreme Court.

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