The video above addresses a very common question relating to worker’s compensation in Georgia.  The question we hear is whether your Workers’ Compensation claim can be denied if you don’t report the accident?  In the video above, Ty Wilson, a Georgia Workers’ Compensation Attorney provides information to assist with this question.  The short answer to this question,  “Can your claim be denied if you don’t report the accident quickly?” is it absolutely can be denied.

Notice Provision

How can your claim be denied if not reported in a timely manner? This is because there is a  “Notice Provision”.  A notice provision requires that the injured employee notify the employer as quickly as possible. If that time frame expires and you have not notified your employer within a 30 day time period, there is a very good chance that they will deny your claim. There is also a very good chance that the law will support them in denying your claim.

This time frame may seem unreasonable, however, think of it like this: the longer a person waits to report a work injury, the more time elapses where other non-work related injuries or activities could be questioned as to the cause of the injury.  For example, let’s say you fall off a ladder at work, hurting your leg and your back.  However, you do not report it for 2 months.  During those two months, what other possible activities did you engage in that could have caused those injuries? The insurance company is going to want to know that your injury actually happened as a result of your work.  The longer you wait to report your injury, the harder it will be to prove that you were injured on the job.

Report Your Work Injury Immediately

It is critical that you report your work injury immediately. It could be one of the most important elements in your workers’ compensation claim. Even if you aren’t sure whether the injury will cause you any issues down the road, you still should report it.  The employer has the ability to investigate the claim. Let them know immediately so that they can investigate the claim,  especially if it’s a complicated way that you were injured.

  • Report the work injury – Describe where, how and when it happened.  Describe how you were injured.
  • Get medical treatment – Even if you aren’t sure you need it, go see one of the doctors on the employer’s Panel of Physicians.
  • Contact an experienced workers’ comp attorney in Georgia if you feel your needs aren’t being met, or if you are unsure how to proceed.  A phone call or case review never hurts in these situations.

Remember that all cases are different. Your injury may seem like a normal injury to others but it’s certainly not when you are the one feeling the pain, dealing with medical visits and worrying about your job and finances.   If you have any questions about workers’ compensation claim you have it’s always recommended you speak with the Georgia Workers Compensation Attorney.

Ty Wilson has been working all types of injury cases for clients for over 20 years.  He gives each client personal attention so you do not need to worry about the status of your claim.

If you would like to have your case reviewed, contact our office or visit our website to submit your information.  We take your issue seriously and will work to provide you with the information you need.

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