What Doctor Can I Visit?

One of the most common workers’ compensation questions we receive involves the visit to the doctor and which doctor can be seen.  In this article, we address whether you can visit your own medical doctor if you are injured on the job.  The video above features Ty Wilson, a Georgia Workers’ Compensation Attorney.   If you are wondering “what doctor can I visit”, this article and video will help you navigate through your own injury and how you should proceed.

Reporting the Injury and Seeking Medical Treatment

It’s critical that you start off by reporting the injury to the appropriate person at your job.  Your workplace should have a “panel of physicians” that will guide you on where you should seek medical treatment.  This is a list of doctors that you can be treated by when injured on the job.  If there is no panel posted, or if that posted panel does not meet the legal requirements in the State of Georgia, you may be allowed to seek treatment from your own doctor.  However, we do suggest that you snap a photo of the panel and then speak to someone about your injury.  The last thing you want to do is spend your time and efforts arguing over which doctor to see when you are injured.

Because there are many issues related to the nature of your injury, the legal requirements of the panel of physicians and your individual work place, it’s always recommended that you seek a legal opinion.  An experienced Georgia Workers’ Comp attorney can review your information and provide you with the next step.

Ty Wilson is an experienced attorney, practicing in Georgia and actively working in the workers compensation field.  If you feel you need representation, or a case review, contact Ty.

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