Georgia laws are more complex than other states when it comes to driving offenses. Most traffic offenses are criminal misdemeanors. We are often asked: can I just pay my traffic ticket rather than fighting it? Sure. You can do that but it’s not always the best course of action.

You see, by paying the ticket you are admitting guilt. This will go on your record for a number of years to come. It also adds points to your driving record. Each point adds up. After you have enough points, you can have your license suspended, pay fines or even lose your license.

in addition to issues relating to your license, auto insurance rates will increase. Once your insurance company sees the new ticket, they will likely increase your premiums. Many drivers then begin to shop around to find lower premiums. But hopping around and changing insurance companies can have a negative impact on your insurance rates or even your ability to get auto insurance. Remember that auto insurance companies are in it for the money so if they have any reason to increase rates, they will certainly do it. Points added to your driving record will give them the cause to raise your rate for sure.

The best solution to this situation is to consult a traffic ticket attorney. You can have him do a quick case review and advise whether you should just pay it or you should go to court on it. In many cases, an experienced attorney can work it out without you going to court and sometimes with a reduced fee and/or charge.

If you are in this situation, contact us for a ticket review. You can upload your citation easily and quickly here on our site here. Ty will review it and can speak with you privately about your situation.

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