This article will answer one of our most frequently asked questions about getting fired after an on the job injury.  Basically the question we get is this: Can an employer terminate you after you get hurt on the job or put another way, “I got hurt at work and then I got fired. Can they do that? ”

Can the employer do that? Can they terminate me after I’ve been injured on the job? Unfortunately, this is something that that happens more often that it should.  However the specifics of the situation really depend on what took place.  These types of situations are very fact specific.  It’s imperative that you contact an experienced Georgia’s workers’ compensation attorney because if they fired you, and it can be proven that it was because of your work injury, then you are entitled to income benefits and, of course, medical benefits for your workers’ compensation claim.

Employers who terminate you because of your work injury usually will not come out and say that.  It can get complicated because you want to get documentation of how it can proven that you did nothing to warrant the termination.  For example, let’s say Sally was injured on the job.  She didn’t report it but just begin staying out of work for her injury.  If her employer fires her for not showing up or insubordination or other valid reasons, especially if Sally has a track record in her personnel file, the case becomes something completely different.

Depending on the filing status, the employer may still need to pay for the injury itself but benefits will be different even if he terminated you after you get hurt on the job.   Either way, you should consider speaking with an experienced Georgia workers’ comp attorney who can advise on your specific situation.  Many times we get calls from people who thought it was a lost cause to try and fight their case after a termination and again, depending on the situation you may have something either way.

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